The Ironbark Stud is in its 84th year and this will be our 44th Annual Bull Sale, a milestone in the beef cattle industry in Australia. What a difference a year makes, the cattle market is at an all time high and the future looks bright for the beef industry and agriculture in general. Large parts of Australia are seeing the best seasonal prospects for years, as I write this letter another big rain depression has come down through Queensland and New South Wales. There is no better time than now to join the cows up with upgraded genetics and young fresh bulls. Get involved in this very exciting future for the beef industry. High quality breeder cattle is where the profitability lies.

This year I would encourage you to trade your old bulls in, they are worth between $2500 and $3500 in the fat market, and invest in a younger bull with fresh genetics.

The program with the Ironbark bulls is: 

(a)they are all reared on their own mothers in a commercial situation

(b)we do not grain feed young bulls in the early part of their life. 

These bulls are basically grass-reared with a silage and grain supplement in the two months leading up to the sale! This is the way bulls must be presented for sale if you are looking for soundness, fertility and longevity. There are not many in the stud industry that do it this way but the Ironbark bulls will live in ANY climate. Their fertility, longevity and calf-getting ability is as good as anyone’s in the industry. When bulls are grain-fed heavily in the early part of their life you can expect problems in longevity, fertility and soundness.

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IRONBARK HEREFORDS 84 yrs in the industry!  (click on the video below)

Annual Bull Sale

Ironbark Herefords welcomes you to our
44th Annual Bull Sale
Friday 25th August 2017

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44th Annual Open Day

Thursday 24th August, 2017

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Ironbark uses the bloodlines of Montana (US) based Holden Herefords, a worldwide industry leader in Hereford cattle. We bring the semen across and we use it in our commercially-based program and it gives us the result that we are looking for out of our Ironbark cows. We then get the product that can live and perform in the Australian environment. Ironbark and Holden cross is the real deal. I see the performance in my travels. The heifer calving results are massive, with a noticeable drop in birth weight, in commercially based programs. Females have superior udders and milking ability. The uniformity in breed-type constitution, milk, udder quality, and birth weight that will be gained out of these unique time-measured cattle is what the breeding of profitable beef cattle is all about. Don’t hold back on these Holden genetics: they are the real deal!


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I am hearing extremely encouraging results from the sale of Ironbark blood cattle throughout the country. Many of our clients have never seen prices like they are at the present. The general comment is, the grass finishers and feedlotters want more of this uniform, consistent product. This has been gained through the depth of the Ironbark cow herd. The best females have always been retained since 1933 and the best genetics in the Hereford world have always been used. There is no other bloodline that can deliver the consistency and uniformity than this famous old bloodline.

Significant numbers of Ironbark bred feeder steers end up at the Whyalla feedlot at Texas in QLD. Ironbark has a very good relationship with this particular feedlot. I strongly encourage producers, if they’re not already EU accredited, to look into it as the premiums are mostly 20c above the normal feeder rate (see Whyalla ad in the catalogue).

HH Advance 2037Z, HH Advance 0002X, HH Advance 1098Y and HH Advance 0132X have a run of outstanding bulls in the sale. They’re uniform and consistent and backed up by one of the top Hereford cow herds in the world. They are real world cattle with great EBVs and Phenotype. 0002X sons sold up to $80,000 at Holden’s record breaking 2014 sale. They deliver calving ease, growth, carcass and eye appeal. HH Advance 9169W and HH Advance 7101T are having a major impact on our female herd. You’ll see a number of outstanding bulls in the sale out of cows by these bulls.

Australian sires this year are Mawarra Yesteryear, purchased at Hereford National for $30,000 and Wallan Creek Victory Blend who was purchased for $11,000. Both bulls have done an outstanding job. Sons of INB Twister G693(sold to Noel & Liz Cook for $48,000 in the 2013 Sale) and INB Advance G692(sold to Mike & Belinda Norton, Tirranna Hereford Stud, Glen Innes for $14,000 in the 2013 Sale) will be on offer and they are everything we expect and more.

31 sires are represented in the catalogue so a very large gene pool of genetics is on offer. Be very careful not to outcross for the sake of outcross; that is the quickest way you can lose uniformity and consistency in your program. Look at the consistency Holden and Cooper have bred into their world renowned herds by continually stacking the pedigrees with genetics that they are familiar with.

We feed a significant number of our own steers and Ironbark-blood steers for the domestic and export trade and we have a lot of information on carcase assessment of these bloodlines. The results are outstanding, giving us full confidence to push ahead with the program.

Consistency is key to our breeding decisions. Throughout the draft there are many quality low birth weight heifer bulls. We urge producers to use good bulls on their heifers as they represent the best genetics. It will enable far greater selection for genetic strength when yearly selecting your heifer replacements.

The Sale bulls are a tremendous draft of high quality genetics, the best we have presented. They have been running on oats since June. They are well grown and in ideal working condition. The bulls are semen tested and ready for the cows. I believe we have as much depth in the 2016 offering as any that I have been involved with.

Come along and have a look – They are a magnificent line of bulls.

Adrian Spencer


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