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IRONBARK HEREFORDS 1933 to 2017 The Stud is in its 84th year and 2017 will be our 44th Annual Bull Sale.

It’s been a big year for the cattle industry – record prices and certainly the most exciting time to be involved in the cattle business.  There is no better time than now to join the cows to fresh young bulls with upgraded genetics. High quality breeder cattle is where the profitability lies. I would encourage you to trade your old bulls in. They are worth between $2000 and $3000 in the fat market, and invest in a younger bull. 

The program with the Ironbark bulls is; they are all reared on their own mothers in a commercial situation. We do not grain feed young bulls in the early part of their life, constitution has been bred into the cattle by strictly following a program. The bulls are basically grass-reared with a silage and grain supplement in the two months leading up to the sale. This is the way bulls must be presented for sale if you are looking for soundness, fertility and longevity. The Ironbark bulls will live in ANY climate and their fertility, longevity and calf-getting ability is as good or better than anyone’s in the industry. When bulls are grain-fed heavily in the early part of their life you can expect problems in longevity, fertility and soundness!

The Ironbark female herd is a unique program in itself. The best females have always been retained since the stud’s founding in 1933. A large stud breeder herd of over 1000 cows is what lies behind the program. Twenty-nine sires are represented in the 2017 Sale of 203 bulls. Ironbark has a large genetic pool, bred from a cow base that has had the best females retained for the last 84 years. The cow herd is 50% of the result! A bull purchased out of a program that has a history of classing heifers on type, structure, uniformity and early maturity pattern regardless of pedigree (like Ironbark) will always breed with superior uniformity and type!

Ironbark uses the bloodlines of Montana (US) based Holden Herefords and Cooper Herefords (HH Advance 3022A, HH Advance 1098Y, HH Advance 0002X, HH Advance 0132X, HH Advance 9169W, HH Advance 2037Z, CL1 Domino 955W, CL1 Domino 386A). Both operations are proven worldwide industry leaders in the production of superior Hereford cattle. We import the semen to use in our commercially-run stud program, it gives us the results that we are looking for out of our Ironbark cows. This gives us the product that can live and perform in the Australian environment. With over 40 years of weighed birth-weight on both sides of the pedigree, the bloodlines have the ability to transfer real calving ease into breeding programs. The heifer calving results from our client’s commercially based programs are significant!

The Ironbark females have superior udder and milking ability. The uniformity in breed-type constitution and birth weight that will be gained out of these unique time-measured bloodlines is what the breeding of profitable beef cattle is all about. Don’t hold back on these bloodlines, nothing else will match them for calving ease and superior female production. There are 36 heifer bulls being offered and I would highly recommend that you use these bloodlines on your heifers. Live calves and less labour makes economic sense to me. Structural correctness in the heifer is also a major factor. We urge producers to use good bulls on their heifers as they represent the best genetics. It will enable greater selection for genetic strength when yearly selecting your heifer replacements. 

INB Advance H333 a son of HH Advance 0132X sold to Noel & Liz Cook for $32,000 in the 2014 Sale and has 11 first class sons in the sale. INB Twister G693 sold for $48,000 in 2013 also to Noel & Liz Cook, Kindon Station Goondiwindi QLD is continuing to breed well. A son made $23,000 for the Sugarloaf Hereford Stud at the 2017 Wodonga National Hereford Show & Sale. The Larsen family from Hylands Hereford Stud Cootamundra NSW also had a Twister son who sold for $24,000 at Wodonga National Show & Sale. Australian sires in the sale this year are Sugarloaf Haymaker who sold at Wodonga National Hereford Show & Sale for $41,000 in 2014, with 5 sons in the sale. Stannum Hamilton has18 high performing sons. Mawarra Yesteryear continues to breed well, purchased at Wodonga in 2012 for $30,000 with 13 sons in the sale. Wallan Creek Victory Blend, purchased at the Wallan Creek Sale 2013 for $11,000, has 10 sons. The HH Homebuilder 603 bloodline will be represented by his best son, Ironbark Homebuilder A481, who has 36 sons in the sale and they are a powerful group of performance bulls. Homebuilder 603 has been a cornerstone bull in the Ironbark program. Two high performing poll sires have been used: MSU TCF Revolution 4R and Churchill Stud 3134A. There are 11 top sons by these two bulls. We grow out a significant number of Ironbark-blood steers for the domestic and export trade and we have total information on carcass assessment. The results give us full confidence in the Ironbark program. The sale bulls are a tremendous draft of high quality genetics. We welcome you to inspect this magnificent line of bulls. 

 Zoetis STAR BREEDER PROGRAM – All Stud Bulls are vaccinated (2 shots) with Pestigard, 7 in 1, Vibrovax. 

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