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At Ironbark, I am constantly being asked “Where can we find these lines of genetically superior Ironbark Blood Steers and Heifers?” I hear the comment from the detractors that there is a limited market for Hereford feeder steers. I strongly disagree. Why should we all be lumped into the one basket? I know for fact that the Ironbark bloodline has a reputation second to none in the feedlot industry. 

Hereford cattle have proven eating quality. They are the breed of cattle that will bring the general public back to eating beef. I will list below a number of feedlots and meat works that can’t buy enough of high performance, industry proven Hereford cattle.

Rockdale Beef
Leeton, NSW
50,000 head capacity
Livestock Manager: Peter Steer
M: 0427 343 094
E: ptsteer@rockdale.com.au
Ironbark has for the last 15 years has had a very strong relationship with Rockdale Feedlot.

Wyalla Feedlot (Oakey Holdings)
Texas, QLD
60,000 head capacity
Livestock Manager: Russell Handley
M: 0429 795 993

Ironbark sold 160 steers to Wyalla in November 2008. 

Australia’s Largest domestic red meat retailer
Greg Callinan
T: 02 6747 1324
M: 0429 476 522

A large number of Hereford cattle nationally are sold to Woolworths either as store steers and heifers for 40 to 80 days grain feeding, crop fattened or grain supplemented on pasture. High-quality Hereford steers and heifers are killed at Tamworth’s Cargil abattoirs for the Woolworth’s trade. 

Elders Killara Feedlot
Qurindi, NSW
17,000 head capacity
Andrew Hoskins Elders Tamworth
M: 0428 657 765
Killara is constantly a buyer of performance Hereford steers and heifers for domestic and export markets.
Grassdale Feedlot
Dalby, QLD
Mort & Co. Livestock Pty Ltd.
Greg Callinan 
T: 02 67471324
M: 0429 476 522
Grassdale feedlot are a buyer of British bred Hereford steers between 400 and 500 kgs.

Primo Australia
Scone, NSW
Livestock Buyer: Jonathan L. Ferguson
T: 02 6762 2326
M: 0427 609 570
E: jaburt@northnet.com.au
Primo is the company where Hereford Prime is operating under the MSA program. Hereford Prime is gaining in popularity and appears destined for bigger things in the beef industry. As we all know Hereford beef has the highest standard of eating quality and that is proven with the high percentage of Hereford carcases meeting the MSA standard.
Cargil Beef Australia Tamworth, NSW
50,000 head capacity
Livestock Buyer: Tony Burke
T: 02 6764 6700
Cargil Tamworth is a front runner for grass fed Herefords 280 – 320 HSCW kg, milk and 2 teeth. Cargil is a company that is entrenched in the drive for eating quality.

The Elders ELMS weaning program is an industry best practice for supplying bullet proof feeder cattle for the feedlot industry. We must take responsibility as producers and backgrounders to serve up to the feedlot industry an animal that will perform in the feed yard. It is not only genetics, it’s a combination with updated management practices.
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