Making Black Better!!

Angus commercial breeders need to seriously look at crossing with high performance Hereford bulls to widen their narrowing gene pool. It is very important to keep large gene pools (meaning a big sire battery) to avoid the problems facing the Angus breed which is why Ironbark are represented by a battery of 60 bulls being AI and natural.

An Ironbark Homebuilder son working in Angus cows on Tony Haggarty's Linton Station, Barraba, NSW, Australia where 2,500 Hereford and Angus cows are run.

Forward thinking producers with Angus breeders are crossing high performance Hereford bulls into their programs. The Black Baldie has more weaning weight and overall performance than the pure bred black. Weight gain is still the most important factor when it comes to profitability in Beef cattle.

Crossbreed with high performance Ironbark Bulls. The answer is more weaning weight, heavier cattle at a younger age.

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